Mary Louise Gallaway

   Mary Louise Gallaway is a Texas-born artist who has lived and worked in France since 1971. She obtained the degree of Master of Fine Arts from the University of Paris I, La Sorbonne, Paris, France. In addition, she completed a three year apprenticeship in sculpture and ceramics with Masatsugu Hitomi in Kyoto, Japan. Her art encompasses multiple disciplines, including sculpture, ceramics, painting and printmaking. Her work can be seen internationally in galleries and exhibitions, and in numerous private and public collections.

Currently, she is focusing her attention on the creation of Fountains in various media, including bronze, clay and copper, and in one-of-a-kind Monogram Brooches.

Ms. Gallaway has completed numerous public and private commissions in France, Japan, Israel and the United States, including:

A circular bronze orientation diorama, five meters in diameter, indicating the monuments and historical sites of the Paris area, commissioned by the Hauts-de-Seine County, installed in 1997. The photographs at right show the installation of the orientation table in Fécheray Park, overlooking the city of Paris. For additional photographs of this installation, click on the magazine articles below.


Orientation Diorama overlooking Paris

Installation of Orientation Diorama

An entranceway, five meters by two meters, in glass, bronze and brass designed for the Gérard Philippe Cultural Center, in collaboration with the architect Jean-Christophe Tardy. Commissioned by the City of Suresnes, installed in 1998.


Completing installation of the

Installation of the doorway

The completed entrance

A sculpture garden created of stoneware including a group of seven large columns 2.5 - 3 meters tall, nine smaller columns, and a bas-relief, commissioned by Productions Olympio, installed 1993 - 2000.


Productions Olympio garden

Terrace with bas-relief in the upper garden

Productions Olympio garden

View from terrace through arched pathway, with columns visible in the lower garden

Productions Olympio columns

Close-up of columns (2.5 - 3 meters high) in the lower garden

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